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India has an estimated 64 million MSMEs, 99 per cent of them being micro enterprises. A significant proportion of these enterprises are represented by an estimated 3500 industry associations and chambers of commerce also called Business Member Organizations (BMOs). The BMOs have individual entrepreneurs, firms, other BMOs, etc. as members, to whom they provide variety of business related services to promote their competitiveness. Over the years, BMOs are playing an important role in promoting the concepts of responsible business among MSMEs as well as important sustainability linked national and global agendas in deeding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.



Green Environment


Social Causes &/or Ethical Practices


Innovative Responsible Business Practices

Anchor 1
  • Encourage BMOs to promote responsible business

  • Encourage BMOs to promote sustainability linked national and global agendas

  • Encourage BMOs to come up with innovative sustainability tools

  • Inspire MSMEs to adopt different sustainability tools

  • Disseminate nationally and globally the good work done by Indian BMOs in promoting responsible business

  • Provide a platform  to promote to share their ideas with policy makers.

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