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  1. This award is for BMOs registered in India.

  2. A BMO can be registered as a Society/Trust/Co-operative Society/Company/Section 8 (earlier Section 25 Company)/Producers Company, etc. in India.

  3. Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), which are set up primarily for promoting social causes only, will not be considered for this Award. In case the jury feels that a particular applicant is an NGO whose primary objective is to promote social cause, FMC( on behalf of the jury)may ask for additional information. Decision of jury and/or FMC (on behalf of the jury) will be final in all respect.

  4. Chief Executive Officer or President or Chairperson or a person with equivalent designation of a BMO should not be a government official or government nominated person

  5. The eligible activity for Award should address at least one Principle/Sub-theme of the National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct (NGRBC), as detailed in Annex 2.

  6. The Award winning BMOs and Special Jury Awardees in the previous five “Responsible Indian BMOs” Awards are not eligible to apply for the same Responsible Business Activity for which they had already been awarded by the previous BMO award.

  7. In case of any doubt with respect to the “type of a BMO” who has applied for the Award and for the “award category” for which the BMO has applied for, FMC can ask for further information to clarify the status. Thereafter, in case of technical discrepancy, FMC may suggest suitable changes in “type” and/or “award category” of the BMO. BMO needs to give written acceptance of the same within 7 days (holidays included). Failing which the application will not be considered for the Award.



Stage 1

​​Preliminary Short-Listing of BMO


a) Governance structure

b) Accreditation/ Quality certification

c) Responsible activities

d) Paid services

e) Financial support availed from Schemes of Government of India or State Government

f) Financial support availed from National/International Organizations/Companies for doing programmes

g) Nature and effectiveness of the Responsible Business Activity proposed for the Award

h) Degree of Innovativeness of the Responsible Business Activity

i) Any other criteria as suggested or amended by Jury


Stage 2

​​Final Short-Listing of BMO

a) 40% weight age to the marks obtained in preliminary short-listing. (see point no 1)

b) 60% weight age to the marks obtained in the case study based on the following criteria:

  • Fund mobilization

  • Outreach of benefits to member, non-member, community

  • Sustainability

  • Relevant support documents to support the claim


c) Any other criteria as suggested or amended by Jury

Note: Suitable weights will be assigned to various parameters/sub-parameters for a typical Award category.

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