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Federation of Industrial and Commercial Organization (FICO)


The FICO received the First prize at State/Country level under Promoting Green Environment category for their initiative Swachhatapakhawada (Development of A Garbage Dump Into A Green Belt & Developed A Road Out of A Garbage Ridden Sewerage Overflown Road to A Proper Road. As part of responsible activity, two roads in Focal Point, Ludhiana, underwent significant development. The initiative involved clearing the garbage and waste materials accumulated on both sides of the roads, as well as addressing sewage blockages on one road. The earth was prepared for tree plantation, and trees were planted with protective guards to prevent damage from animals. Regular watering and maintenance were carried out to ensure the trees thrived.


Nariana Industrial Area CETP Society


The Nariana Industrial Area CETP Society received the First prize at District/Cluster/SPV Level under Promoting Green Environment category for their initiative Industrial Water Treatment in CETP, NarianaThe Nariana Industrial Area CETP Society was formed in 2017 by 750 MSME industrial units in Delhi's Nariana Industrial Area. The objective was to establish and operate a Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) capable of treating the daily effluent discharge of approximately 22 million litres generated by the member units.

Integrated Association of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises of India


IAMSME of India received the First Prize at State/Country Level under Promoting Social Causes/Ethical Practices category. Under this initiative Business Book It's Your One Stop Window - The Largest Network of Entrepreneurs- A B2b Platform for MSMEs/Start-ups. The responsible activity began with the realization that existing digital platforms predominantly benefit large-scale enterprises, leaving both the public and MSMEs at a disadvantage. In 2017, an association recognized the need to create an affordable and entrepreneur-friendly internet platform called "Business Book." This platform would allow MSMEs and startups to easily launch their own websites or pages, showcasing their enterprise, products/services, photos, videos, catalogs, and unique selling points in a user-friendly format. The objective was to provide the public with access to a wide range of quality products at reasonable prices while increasing the market reach of MSMEs.

6th Responsible BMO Award_8.12.22_IHC_by FMC_nariana(405).JPG
6th Responsible BMO Award_8.12.22_IHC_by FMC-FICO (398).JPG
6th Responsible BMO Award_8.12.22_IHC_by FMC -Janathi Jyothi Mahila-(413).JPG
6th Responsible BMO Award_8.12.22_IHC_by FMC-IAMSME(406).JPG
6th Responsible BMO Award_8.12.22_IHC_by FMC_Pink City(424).JPG
6th Responsible BMO Award_8.12.22_IHC_by FMC -Inidian Textile Association(420).JPG

Vanitha Jyothi Mahila Sangam, Wanaparthy


Vanitha Jyothi Mahila Sangam, Wanaparthy received the First Prize at District/Cluster/SPV Level under Promoting Social Causes/Ethical Practices category for their initiative towards Promoting Women Empowerment Gender Based Activity Providing Vocational Education for Families of Workers and Local Community & Promoting Employment and Entrepreneurship of Workers and Local Community. The responsible activity is driven by a Society with members across the state, relying on voluntary donations/contributions from members and philanthropists as their primary source of income. In some cases, a nominal fee is charged to cover program expenses. Members identify villages where their services are needed and assess the requirements of the villagers to enhance their income through skill development programs and the establishment of Self-Help Groups (SHGs).







Pink City Rickshaw Limited


The Pink City Rickshaw Limited received the First Prize at District/Cluster/SPV Level under Innovation Category for implementing the Women Empowerment Through E-Rickshaw Driving and Life Skill Training. The responsible activity was initiated by Access with the aim of providing cost-effective, efficient, courteous, and enjoyable sightseeing experiences to the numerous tourists visiting Jaipur. To accomplish this, Access decided to engage economically disadvantaged, yet moderately educated, young women.

Indian Textile Association and Machinery Manufacturer Association (ITAMMA)


The ITAMMA received the First Prize at State/Country Level Level under Innovation category for Promoting Green Environment​The 30 odd foundries in Samalkha produce an estimated 1000 tonnes of slag waste. These slag used to be thrown all over the places creating lot of inconvenience and dirt for the local dwellers. Today Samalkha has put in place around 7 numbers of jaw crushers and other equipment to create slag chips in 7 foundries. These foundries collect slag from all other foundries. This has made the cost of paver block cheaper and foundries do not have to give money for disposal of slag to random locations and create hazards for the citizens of Samalkha.

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A case study publication is published every year, which contains Top 16 responsible activities initiated by the BMOs for the respective year. Issue VI was released on 8th December 2021 by  Honourable Shri B. B. Swain, Secretary, Ministry of MSME GOI

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